Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chubby kids

Can you guess which picture is of Joby and which one is of Jerni? The top picture is Joby at about 4 months. The bottom picture is Jerni at about 2 months. I just love the round chubby cheeks and double chins.

Big Helper

I was folding laundry one afternoon and Joby was helping. He laid down with Jerni's warm, clean blanket and watched "Curious George." He was more help than he realizes.

Like Father, Like Son

Justin had taken his tie off from church and Joby wanted to wear it. Joby is not one for dress up or any sort of additional clothing. He is very much a t-shirt and jeans kind of a boy. So, it was very rare that he would put a tie on. He looks so cute... Joby, too!

Good morning

I went to get Joby out of bed the other morning and he wanted Jerni to lay with him. It was so sweet. He repeated about a million times, "Good morning, Jerni!" His voice gets amazingly high pitched when he talks to her.

Joby's PUMPed up!

I thought these pictures were too cute too pass up not posting. Joby was having such a great time playing with my new breast pump (before it had been used).

He would put the breast opening on his mouth and scream into it. This is why we don't buy him his own toys.