Saturday, December 6, 2008

6-6-5 Tag

The rules for this tag are simple: Choose the sixth picture from your sixth picture folder and post it. Then, tag five people.

This picture is of Jase (Justin's brother) and a friends little girl in AZ. Justin and Jase had gone to AZ for a dental rotation during Dental School. I was back in NC ready to pop any moment with Joby. Justin came home the day before Joby was born.

I tag: Becca, Britta, Chrissy, Laurie, & Lexie

Kung-Fu Kids

Happy Birthday, Jerni!

Jerni is now 1 year old. The time has flown by with her. She is such a sweet, precious girl. Justin, Joby, and I love having her in our family and adore her calm spirit. (Justin and I secretly look forward to the day she can defend herself from Joby!)

Happy Birthday!

She's just so excited, she just can't hide it.

Thanks Joby for being such a great helper.

Tapping Pirate

Joby is usually not one to dress-up, but something tickled his fancy...

Tap shoes and a pirate costume.

After eating Thanksgiving dinner, the kids dressed up. Joby was a tapping pirate, Sofie had on 3 princess dresses on top of one another, Emma had several costume changes, and Lexie was a Home Depot employee.