Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Merry Christmas 2009 (again)

Christmas with my family! We had everyone over to our house (my in-laws) for breakfast and exchanging of gifts. My mom spoiled the kids and us!

Joby's yo-yo with his name and date burned on it.

More train stuff!

Justin and I both got UNC hoodies.

Jerni's shopping cart (pink, of course)!

Justin putting together the pink shopping cart. It took him a lot of concentration and time. Jerni also got the Tinkerbell nesting dolls.

Thanks so much for everything and a wonderful family Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas 2009

Traditional picture of the family on the stairs (minus me taking the picture)

Before opening. Santa doesn't wrap presents at our house. Our presents to the kids are wrapped below. Joby has Spider-man paper and Jerni has Tinkerbell paper.

Jerni testing out and loving her pink Pillow Pet Pig!

This was a big hit! It's a head massager and it feels soooooo good.

Some other stuff the kids got. Jerni's princess lace up cards.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a new train set for Joby.

We had a great time in VA with Justin's family. Christmas was meager for Justin and I with moving, starting a practice, etc. So, we decided to spend only $20 and see what we could come up with. I gave Justin an OU license plate for his car and socks. I got a griddle that I bought myself the day after Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas!

Pre-K Christmas Party

Joby's last day of Pre-K was his Christmas Party. We (homeroom Mom's) decided to do Polar Express theme. The kids got to wear their pajamas, just like in the movie. Mrs. Zerby had the class walk down to the library were someone built a train for the kids to take pictures in front of. She gave the kids a golden ticket and punched it on the way in to class to watch the hot chocolate scene from the movie. We had pizza bites, juice boxes, and the kids got to decorate rice krispy treats.

My snowy train centerpieces. The candy train on top was the take home treat for the class.

Class hug for Mrs. Zerby and Ms. Kerri (whom we love and miss terribly!).

Joby's last day!