Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Tree!

Joby is THREE! I can't believe it. Today is Joby's 3rd birthday. He is such an amazing little boy with all sorts of surprises for us. He loves cars, trains, and puzzles. Joby loves his Papa and always wants him when he's not around. He has a special way with Jerni and making her laugh. We just love him to pieces and are so proud to have him as our son. We had a great train party on Saturday with his friends (and some of ours, too!). We rented a Spider-man jumper and the kids love it, most of them. Some of the little ones were a little afraid of all the big kids having too much fun. Justin made a great bean bag toss into a train. Pizza and chips made for a great lunch with juice boxes and soda. No root beer, but it was still a party. Joby got lots of great loot from friends, grandparents, and parents. No party is complete without cake and ice cream. We had cupcakes and individual ice cream servings for everyone. Thanks to everyone for coming and sharing Joby's birthday with us.

Spidey looking over the house.

Emma and Londynn having a toss.

And, he's off! Thanks again to everyone for the presents and for coming.

All the kids tried to get an up close look. A little too up close for my comfort.

Yes, it was that good!

A jump before having to get ready for church this morning. The jumper was being picked up while we were at church, so this was the last time to jump.

I'm tree (three)!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Joke

Q: What kind of books do rabbits read?

A: One's with "hoppy" endings!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Trip to VA

After spending 5 days in NC, we headed up to VA to see Justin's brothers-Jeff, John, and James and their families. We had tons of fun 4-wheeling, tractor rides, a short ride on the lake, playing video games, watching movies, and visiting with everyone.

Jacey and Joby having fun together at James' house.

Mr. John Deere himself.

Jaelyn, Joby, Jackson, and Jolie playing together inside the schoolhouse. Yes, playing together without fighting.

Jacey holding Jerni. Jerni's just about as big as she is. Jacey was so cute with Jerni. Always wanting to know where she was or what she was doing. Soon they'll be able to play with each other.

John has a trampoline and Joby loved it. The kids pull it close to the deck and jump off from the deck to the trampoline. Joby jumped off from the 2 feet section, while Jackson (has no fear) jumped off from the 8 foot section.

Jerni got her first tooth, while on vacation.

My turn on the 4-wheeler. John and James have some great trails on the mountain, but I just drove around the yard/field.

Joby just loves Lil' James. He follows him around like his shadow.

Joby finally got on the tractor for a ride with Grandpa. I think the sucker helped.

Trip to NC

We just got back from a week visit to NC and VA to see family. We had so much fun! We went to Logan & Joshua's birthday party, had brunch with my family, played on the lake, went to the park, went for Burley rides, and stayed up very late--every night.

Waiting in the Greensboro Airport for Justin's dad to pick us up. He got caught in heavy traffic, so we waited about 2 hours. Thank goodness for DVD players and snacks.

One afternoon, we went to the YMCA on the lake for swim time. The older boys jumped off this huge inflatable thing. Jerni enjoyed the water for a little while, then got sand in her diaper and it was fun no more.

Joby played in the water by chasing a floating acorn and throwing rocks from the bank into the lake.

Jordan paying tribute to Grandma. She wears the life jacket as a diaper to float.

Breakfast with the boys.

Visiting Justin's dad at work. Joby doesn't appreciate where he works right now, but will very soon. Thanks for the truck!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jerni's Blessing

Over our Christmas trip back home, we blessed Jerni with all of Justin's family in VA. She was great during the blessing and didn't make a peep. She had her eyes open and curiously looking at her Papa, Grandpa, and uncles.

Now, we are a family of four.

Jase, Britta, Jenn, Jerni, and Justin. I just like this picture.

Justin's Mom and Dad.