Friday, March 28, 2008

Zoo day!

Yesterday we had beautiful weather, so off to the zoo to meet some friends. It was about 80 degrees. You'll see in the pictures that Joby is dressed as if it were 50 degrees. I didn't think it was going to be so warm, so early. I had gone outside before getting the kids dressed and it was pretty windy. So, Joby picked out his shirt and out the door we go. Needless to say, his little cheeks were red the whole time. We had a great time, as always.

Joby and the rest of the kids looking at the cougar.

Joby and Emma looking at a wolf. Joby asks just about everyday to play with Emma.

Right after Lexie (Emma's mom) took this picture, Jerni burst into tears. She was so hungry and tired of sitting in her seat.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Joby was having a blast playing in Jerni's carseat after church yesterday.

Hippity Hoppity Easter

Happy Easter! We had a nice, quiet family Easter Sunday. The kids got new outfits and I got a new dress. The Easter Bunny left Joby some new coloring books and Thomas the Train and Dora the Explorer stickers. Justin got grape Mike and Ikes. Jenn got to play the Easter Bunny. Justin made lunch all by himself. We had roast and yorkshire. It was delicious!!!

The cutest family ever!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bathing Picasso

Joby loves to take baths these days. He'll stay in there for as long as you let him. I usually have to drain the water out several times to put warm water in because it gets so cold. Last night, he had a blast, as you can tell. He colored all over the tub and tiles. Thankfully, the crayons are just soap. After, cleaning Joby, he took the rag and cleaned the tub and tiles. He was so proud of himself.

He loves me...

We were on our way out to see "Horton Hears a Who" and Joby was giving me lots of hugs. Justin just so happen to have the camera out taking pictures of Jerni. I ended up not going to see the movie. Jerni and I ran errands while the boys saw the movie.

Pink Rabbit

Jerni was waiting patiently to go out one afternoon this week and looked so adorable in her pink rabbit jacket.

Down for the count...

Justin was sick with the flu a couple of days last week. Thankfully, he got better before his Spring Break this week. I found this toy car garage at a yard sale for Joby. It's the same one that's in Nursery and he runs straight to it every Sunday and plays with it the whole time. He was so excited. He wanted Justin to play with him, but this was all the energy Justin could muster up.

Rexburg Temple

I love this picture. The sky looks so beautiful behind the Rexburg, ID temple.

Happy Birthday, Jenn!

Happy Birthday to me! My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but I almost felt like skipping it. For some reason I didn't want to turn 28, but now it just seems like a number. Justin gave me a new watch--THANKS!! We had some friends come over for cake and ice cream. Thanks to Angie for making a delicious chocolate cake. Lexie gave me some yummy zucchini bread that Joby and I had for breakfast the next day.

Emma, Luciana, Pierce, and Joby LOVED the cake and ice cream. This is the only picture from my birthday.