Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A cool treat

Joby and I went to the OKC Zoo again today. We rode the trains, basically the whole 2 hours. After lunch, Joby had a popsicle. It was a blue raspberry mini-popsicle. It took him several minutes to eat his. Mine was gone in two bites. He really liked it until it started to drip down his hand, but of course, he managed to eat the whole thing and wanted another.

Happy 2nd Birthday, JOBY!

Joby turned two on July 20. Justin was able to get away from school at a reasonable hour (4:00), so we went to a community pool in Edmond (about 20 minutes from our house). This pool has slides, rock climbing wall in the water, kiddie area, sprinklers, and lots of people. Joby was slow to warm up to the water, but mostly enjoyed jumping in to catch a water fish. The picture is of Joby and Justin having a snack, while I change my clothes to go eat dinner.

Before we left NC, we had a party for Joby with our parents. My mom, Kim, made the baseball cake, which Joby didn't eat, but was very delicious. Thanks, Mom! He was very excited to see his Thomas the Train backpack filled with lots of goodies, like cars, books, and snacks. Thank you, Gammie! It came in very handy on the plane ride out. Grandma & Grandpa Olsen gave Joby some books and his first puzzle, which also came in very handy on the plane ride out. Thank you, Grandma & Grandpa!

Friday, July 20, 2007

1st Trip to the OKC Zoo

Joby and I went to the Oklahoma City Zoo with our new friends, Virginia and her 3 year old, Jackson. It was very hot and very crowded. Virginia was very nice to let us in for free on her season pass and parking is always free, so how could we say no. We played on the outside playground, until we were too hot. Then, we saw the elephants, hippos, rhinos, and orangutans. We stopped in with the orangutans to have lunch because they had air conditioning. The boys loved playing and running around inside. Joby seemed to enjoy seeing the animals. The zoo is very large and we plan on going again soon. Joby had a 3 hour nap that afternoon, which I needed, as well.

Joby's Picasso moment

Joby and I were coloring in his room and I left for a brief moment. I heard Joby say "No, no." So, I went back in to find that he had broken the black crayon and couldn't seem to get it back together. I tried to explain that it was broken and just use the other end. So, he went back to color the pages of Curious George. I went out again. A moment later, I heard the sweet sound of Joby coloring on the wall with purple crayon. I ran back in and he threw the crayon down and started pointing at his creation on the wall, tile floor, and door moulding. I tried not to laugh because he was so excited about what he had done. THANKFULLY, Crayola makes washable crayons and it came right off with soap and water.

Dr. Olsen's Ortho. Office

This is where Justin spends those late, late nights away from home. Joby and I have decided to come see him a couple of nights a week for dinner. This is about the only time Joby gets to see Justin, unless he wakes up early. Justin shares the office with his big brother, Paul. Paul has been a tremendous help to Justin with school and finding different things in OKC. As you can tell, the office is of the highest quality (for a resident's office)! From what we've been told, the late nights should only last until the end of August/early September. I'm holding Justin to that.

Our home is now in Oklahoma.

Well, we've now been in Oklahoma for almost a month. So far, we haven't been swept away by the 22 days of continuous rain or now withered away by the 95 degree heat everyday. This is our house on a very bright, sunny day. We have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a study. The kitchen is very nice and spacious with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. We have everything unpacked, just need to put the finishing touches in kitchen, living room, and study. We have furniture in the kitchen and living room, but I'm too lazy right now to take pictures. These pictures were already on the computer. Our neighborhood is about 5 or 6 years old with a couple of streets being developed still; ours being one of them. Joby loves to watch all the trucks, tractors, and other big machinery come and go.