Thursday, February 26, 2009

Queen of the Castle

We finally bought the kids an outdoor toy. It's a castle climb and slide. We've had it inside the past few days because it's been too cold outside. This is Jerni these days with her purses.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jerni's Play Date

While I was teaching Preschool on Tuesday, Lexie took Jerni and the other kids to an indoor play area. I heard they had lots of fun and here are some pictures of Jerni, whose getting too big.

Jerni, Aiden, and Everett playing.

Jerni walking to the next toy.

Jakey and Jerni playing together.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Jerni's Purse

She's so proud of her new/first purse. We got it today at Target in the 50% off Valentine's Day section. She's just so cute!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Buttery Cinnabun Cake

To welcome Justin home, I made this special treat. I say special because it is in no way good for you, but oh so good for my thighs. It is delicious. ENJOY! Click here for the recipe. This (Picky Palate) is also one of my favorite food blogs.

Happy Valentine's Day

As I was putting Joby to bed the night before Valentine's Day, I told him that since he had been such a good boy 'Cupid' would leave him a present in the morning. He quickly became very concerned about the tree not being up and that our stockings weren't hung on the fireplace. I calmed his fears and said 'Cupid' doesn't like trees and that he just puts the present on the kitchen table. He doesn't need a fireplace because he walks in the front door. That sufficed him. So, on Valentine's Day morning the first thing he asked me was if 'Cupid' had come and I told him we'd better go see. He bolts out of his room to look on the couch and was sad that there was nothing there. He slowly walks to the table and his eyes got big with excitement at the presents. We had a great day, but were saddened not to have Justin with us. He was away in New Orleans for school/vacation.

After the chaos of opening everything (Thanks Mom!)

Pink French Toast

Winter Story Time

The Bethany Library does a great Winter Story Time every other Thursday for Joby's age. Lots of greats stories, songs, and a cool craft at the end. This past Thursday was all about Valentine's Day. Here are some pictures, thanks to Lexie.

Joby, me, Jerni, Emma, and Aiden working hard on our Valentine for that special someone.

Joby enjoying his cookie he got to decorate.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Playing Along

I'm playing along with Laurie's post. She does some amazing vinyl work and has such talent with bows. Plus, she's a GREAT friend. Go ME!